Beaufait Farms

Beaufait Farms

A Subdivision Community
in Macomb Township, Michigan

What's happening in our neighborhood

Please note the water restrictions are in force from the water department. Please note the times and dates you are allowed to water.

In the document section there is a revised 2017 Annual meeting minutes.

Annual garage sale will be June 7, 8, 9th

Please make sure all garbage cans are put out of site after garbage collection day per the By-Laws. We have recent complaints of garbage cans being blown into the street.

There have been several reports of Coyotes in Beaufait Farms around the river. Several communities in Macomb county have also reporting the sightings as well as at least two dogs that were killed by the Coyotes as reported by Channel 7. If spotted please report it immediately to the Sheriff's department. DO NOT under any circumstance try to approach them your self. Please socialize this information with your children. Remove anything that would be considered food such as garbage that doesn't fit in the provided storage containers. If you cannot fit your garbage in your container keep it in your garage until Monday night.

All mailboxes must meet the following criteria in Beaufait Farms:
New Mailboxes
Please order directly from:

Make sure all changes to your outside households are approved prior to starting to avoid costly fines. Please contact the Management company direct with your proposed changes. Per the by-laws the board will approve/deny all requests within 30 calendar days. Please plan accordingly.

Do not under any circumstance contact board members directly at their home via phone or mail. Please go through the Management Company at all times. Correspondence to private homes will be discarded without review.

1-855-383-4249 to call in broken streets lights. Please have the serial number from the base when you call in.